Matter of Perspective

There is little doubt that the globalization debate is highly polarized between those who see it as a "good thing" for the majority of nations, and those who see it as just another means to exploit the poorest countries. The two articles "Globalisim's Discontents," written by Joseph Stiglitz, and "Globalization: Threat or Opportunity," authored by writers working for the IMF, or International Monetary Fund, are excellent examples of this polarity.

Joseph Stiglitz notes that the trend of globalization has "brought huge benefits to a few with few benefits to the many. But in the case of a few countries, it has brought enormous benefit to the many." He then explains the main difference between those countries that are globalizing "successfully," and those that are not is their ability to:

substantially control the terms on which they engaged with the global economy. By contrast, the countries that...
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