Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's Web site is an almost perfect reflection of the company as the consumer popularly views it: high quality but 'down home,' clever, humanistic, ecologically minded, and service-oriented. Few people have not heard at least some part of the Ben & Jerry story -- how two friends put together their savings and started a little ice cream shop in a converted gas station; a sort of commercial swords into ploughshares tale.

The Web site opens with a top banner reminiscent of Blue Mountain Arts, containing simple animation of simple shapes. In this case, it is snowflakes falling on a cow that licks and ice cream cone. (One assumes that sun shines in summer, leaves fall in autumn and so on.)

Right below that, a product shot tells the consumer immediately that this is organic ice cream, appealing to the 'greens.' It...
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