S. was that non-interference of the U.S. In the war, leaving it to the Europeans was the best thing to do. Thus there was no urgency felt in creating armaments. Thus in 1940 the armed strength was "only 150,000 men" (Gailey, 1995) and the generals believed that any future war could be fought and won with artillery and infantry and providing air support and they argued that "tanks and airplanes were fads." (Gailey, 1995)

Thus airpower was given the go by and this development made America really weak. America entirely ignored the power of air attacks. This was the cause of the debacle at Pearl Harbor. It can be easily seen from the pages of history that Germany took advantage of air power with the blitzkrieg concept and Japan used it with telling effect at Pearl Harbor.


The attack on Pearl Harbor was the result of the changing times....
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