Tire Industry

Tire manufacturing

This is an industry analysis of the tire manufacturing industry. It has sources.

The Industry's dominant economic features

Porters Five Forces

-- the rivalry amoung competiting sellers in the industry

the potential entry of new competitors

-Wining customers over their own substitute products

Supplier-seller collaboration and bargaining

-Seller-buyer collaboration and bargaining

Drivers of change in the industry

Companies in the Strongest/Weakest Positions

Key Success Factors for Competitive Success

The tire manufacturing industry is one of the most diversified and competitive industry in the U.S. Categorized by oligopoly business environment, the industry is a hub for mature key players like Goodyear, Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone and Sears etc. New entrants find it hard to enter the industry because of the following characteristic business environment.

The Industry's dominant economic features

The tire industry is perhaps one of the most regulated industries. Although it is categorized by a few major...
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