What happens is this over production of neurons results in a kind or "pre-programmed 'suicide' mechanism called apoptosis" (Marino, 2010). So if the brain kills off these neurons on purpose, what happens to the dead neurons? Journalist Melissa Marino asserts that the body must dispose of the dead neurons or else the body's immune system is in trouble.

Interestingly, Dr. Bruce Carter (a biochemistry professor) of Vanderbilt has discovered the brain's "clean-up crew" and the protein that is important to that clean-up crew (disposing the dead neurons) is called "jedi-1" (not to be confused with the science fiction movie "Star Wars"). If jedi-1 is not doing its job, the body may suffer from "autoimmune conditions." So there are many interesting things going on with our central nervous system that most people aren't aware of, but are important for good physical and psychological health.

Childhood Survivors of Central Nervous System Cancer...
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