Clockwork Orange

The stunning 1971 film, by Stanley Kubrick, "A Clockwork Orange" has thrilling and frightening factors that would astound and bring extraordinary terror to its audience. The movie depicts a story of the nature of violence brought by the youths in England. From my experience of watching the film, the brutalities the movie has demonstrated can easily produce diverse reactions from the viewers the same way it had brought in me different senses and feelings of disbelief after watching.

The film was set in a futuristic England terrorized by gangs of juvenile delinquents spreading violence, terror, and heinous moral destructions. The settings were made somehow a mixture of old English and modern backdrops. Slightly unsettling, there were changes in the setting that would make the audience wonder why such a background and film set was used, developing reality and fantasy techniques between diverse scenes.

The combining style of settings...
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