Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism

Confucianism in Chinese Society

Ju Dou is one of the films that depict the culture of the Chinese society from ancient to modern times. A highly comprehensible film, Ju Dou is powerful in teaching the traditional values of the Chinese culture to international viewers. China, historically, is a nation of philosophy in which the teachings and values of Confucius is one of the conventional and adhered ideas in way of living, and this particularly are conveyed, in some way or another, by the characters in the story of the film Ju Dou.

Among the philosophers from the previous times, the most influential to the Chinese culture are the philosophies of Confucius. His teachings are usually represented in many Asian films. As in most of the Chinese films, Ju Dou attempts to re-define and portrays the Chinese culture based on various literatures and Chinese identity such as Confucianism. The...
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