Snakes have been interesting to human beings from our earliest recorded stories, when Eve was tricked by a snake in Genesis. While many people fear them, others are fascinated by them and keep them as pets. Before taking on a snake as a pet, however, the owner might want to think about what a snake's life is like in the wild and in captivity.

In the wild, snakes are found in all but the coldest climates and some islands. Wild snakes are divided into two groups: venomous and non-venomous. Non-venomous snakes kill their prey by wrapping themselves around the victim's body in coils. Then they tighten, or constrict, the coils so the prey cannot breathe, and it suffocates. For obvious reasons, the snakes used as pets are constrictors, not venomous.

Constricting snakes live in many kinds of environments, and someone considering a snake as a pet should be aware of...
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