Sea Wolf" by Jack London. Discussed is the transformation of the character Humphrey Van Waden, physically, psychologically and philosophically. These traits are compared from the beginning of the story to the end. Paper includes quotes from book that describe transformation.

Sea Wolf"

Jack London's "Sea Wolf" was first published in 1904. London's story is a vivid tale of seal hunters on the high seas aboard a schooner called Ghost., who rescue a lone survivor from a ferryboat accident, Humphrey Van Weyden. A gentleman scholar and literary critic, Van Weyden's experience aboard the schooner becomes of nightmare of shock and terror. The captain of the vessel is Wolf Larsen, the most savage, brutal, ruthless character imaginable. Van Weyden all too soon discovers that there is nothing sacred or humane in the captain's character. London uses the scholar's ordeal at the hands of Larsen to create his powerful and unforgettable themes of...
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