competing values in Ernest Hemingway's "In Our Time"

This essay illustrates and explores how complicated it is to be a human, have relationships, and live in a world of complex and competing values. The essay specifically explores the chapters 'The End of Something' and 'The Three Day Blow.' One source used. MLA format.

In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway

In Our Time, first published in 1925, is a collection of short stories and vignettes about the years before, during and after World War I. This collection marked Ernest Hemingway's publishing debut and his fame. It is considered one of the most original short story collections in Twentieth Century literature. Many critics credit this book with introducing major developments into modern literature by Hemingway's sparse style, simple sentences with little or no emotional descriptions. Through the weave of stories he creates, readers gain key insights into Hemingway's later works, particularly one...
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