Sea Wolf" by Jack London. Specifically, it will look at what views of human nature are expressed in the novel, and how the main characters justify their beliefs about human nature and behavior.


The Sea Wolf" is one of Jack London's most famous books, and one of the first of over 50 books he would write. In this novel, he gives the reader a glimpse at the many sides of human nature, from the cruelty and heartlessness of the captain, to the naivete and kindness of the main character, Humphrey Van Weyden, called "Hump" by the captain and crew. He is a gentleman in the middle of some of the most crass and unappealing people he has ever met.

The captain, Wolf Larsen, is a cruel man, who does not invite the adoration of his crew. They hate him, and obey him because of his brutality and...
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