Teleological Suspensions & Jean-Paul Sartre

This is a paper on the topic of "Teleological Suspensions" and Jean-Paul Sartre.


The story of Abraham and Isaac is known throughout the world. The question that many may ask: Why was Abraham willing to sacrifice Isaac? This was murder so how could God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? What is the essence of Existentialism?

Kiekegaard once stated, "The story of Abraham contains a teleological suspension of the ethical" (McMahon 1). The story about Abraham and Isaac is one of sacrifice. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son's life because God told him to go and sacrifice Isaac. Abraham was willing to do the sacrifice. However, God told him it was not necessary. God gave Abraham a lamb to sacrifice.

Questions are asked: How did God ask Abraham to murder an innocent child?

When Abraham was willing to do kill...
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