Review of the Film 12 Years a Slave

The film 12 Years a Slave illustrates why an economic system predicated on brutality, tyranny, terrorism rationalized under the painfully hypocritical guise of Christianity would never last. Ironically the continued brutal, heartless persecution of slaves just hastened the collapse of a commodity-driven industry that was destined for creative disruption at the hands of more insightful, intelligent business leaders. The redeeming value of this film from an economic theory perspective is that it shows how painfully bad the plantation owners were at even understanding the industry they were attempting to dominate through brute force manual labor in the form of slaves. There is just so much flesh a slave can give up until he is dead, yet the plantation owners, incompetent to run their businesses, can't see that a healthy workforce is going to make them infinitely more profitable. It's as if...
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