Antigua Guatemala Coffee

Antigua Guatemala International (AGI) will be a manufacturer and exporter of Guatemalan coffee to Japan and the global. AGI will use a new system in the food and beverage industry to offer Antigua Guatemala coffee in a time-efficient and convenient way. AGI will provide vendors, retailers, and cafes with the ability to buy freshly brewed Antigua Guatemala coffee. It will be a high quality option to the institutional coffee and fast foods markets. It will give its patrons the finest cold and hot beverages, specializing in Antigua Guatemala coffee and other custom made drinks. Additionally, it will offer fresh-baked pastries, soft drinks and other confections. Seasonally, AGI will add frozen Antigua Guatemala coffee. It will compete with companies such as Wallenford Coffee Company and Blue Mountain Coffee, which have already established a presence in Japan. The business will focus on two major target markets:

Coffee shops and...
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