GSS codebook or GSS variable search as a reference following is the list of 5 potential topics I would like to explore for the research project:

Drug use and addiction,

Corporal Punishment,

Mental Health,

Old People and

In this section 5 independent and 5 dependent variables have been identified from the GSS list. These variables have been chosen since they are connected to the topics chosen in the previous section:

Dependent Variable: Dealing with drug addiction

Independent Variable: Government spending

Dependent Variable: Corporal Punishment

Independent Variable: favor spanking to discipline child

Dependent Variable: Mental Health

Independent Variable: Government responsibility: provide health care for x

Forth Topic:

Dependent Variable: Old People

Independent Variable: Government spending on retirement benefits.

Fifth Topic:

Dependent Variable: Spending on law enforcement

Independent Variable: Halting crime rates

Variable Name and Short Descriptions on each

In this section, each variable has been given a name and a short...
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