Fred Zinneman and the Member of the Wedding

"It [the Member of the Wedding] has always been my favorite picture, perhaps because it is not entirely my own." ~ Fred Zinnemann, A Life in the Movies: An Autobiography

The cinematic work of Fred Zinnemann yielded a plethora of classic films. He directed many different genres: thrillers, Westerns, psychological dramas, and war films. Fred Zinnemann became known for making films that contained strong emotional realism and authentic feeling. Zinnemann would win two Academy Awards for directing the movies From Here to Eternity and A Man for All Seasons. Both were stories about a protagonist feeling himself morally right, taking a strong stand against an opposition who often had the higher ground legally or physically. Like his favorite protagonists, Zinnemann would often find himself at odds with the powers in Hollywood who did not always appreciate the messages he often hid, sometimes...
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