Generating Hypothesis/Research Question

Systematic and critical reviews

The long established concepts and specialists reports have progressively been substituted by more organized reviews on the basis of latest researches (Heming and Brereton, 2009). An effort is made to maintain the same standards of researches that were previously maintained, by these organized reviews (Hemingway and Brereton, 2009). Findings on which the review is based should be properly expressed so that the data can be utilized again if needed (Hemingway and Brereton, 2009).

Reviews and researches, based on systematic studies aim to:

Classify all the data which is available on the subject.

Make a superior selection for preparation of report.

Evaluate the standard of research studies.

Compose the results by impartial methods

Understand what the findings mean and depict a well rounded and an unbiased picture of the conclusions while giving sufficient attention to the mistakes present in the proof gathered (Hemingway and...
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