Letter to the President of the United States:

Concerning Environmental Conditions

Dear Mr. President,

As you well know, there are many concerns in our society today regarding the environment. Environmental degradation is a pressing issue, for it affects the things that we will pass on to generations to come. Many speak about the damaging effects of pollution to the ozone layer, or the deforestation of the world as a similar catastrophe; I would like to speak, in this letter, about a small living being: the tadpole.

At first glance, studying tadpoles may not seem very important; however, their lives can tell us about the lives of other amphibians, as they are often used as models for this kind of prediction. Even though studying a reptile's life may seem futile, tadpoles and other such reptiles are vital components to our environment, and should not go unnoticed, for they help keep the...
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