Muhammad Ali in Egypt and the Influence of Napoleon

Services and Mission of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Reforms under the Regime of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Societal Reforms

Education Reforms


Economic Reforms

Agricultural Reforms

Political Reforms

Political Reforms

Economic Strengthening Activities to Make Egypt Self Sufficient

Muhammad Ali the Father of Modern Egypt

AFU Armed Forces Union

CGS Chief of the General Staff

CUP the Committee of Union and Progress

Dev-Sol Revolutionary Left

Dev-Yol Revolutionary Way

D-SK Confederation of Unions of Revolutionary Workers

DP Democrat Party

EEC or EC European Economic Community or European Community


Confederation of Unions of Islamist Workers

IMF International Monetary Fund

JP Justice Party

MI-SK The Confederation of Unions of Nationalist Workers

M-T National Intelligence Organization

NAP Nationalist Action Party

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NDP Nationalist Democracy Party

NOP National Order Party

NSC National Security Council

NSP National Salvation Party

NTP New Turkey Party

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