Nazi Germany (MLA).

Nazi Germany

Nothing conjures up the image of evil more than the period in German history known as the "Third Reich." Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party, Nazi, embodied the very image of evil and have become he standard by which evil is currently measured. Television, literature, art, and movies have all-based evil characters on the Nazi's, for instance, in the "Star Wars" movies, the evil empire is defended by the legions of "storm troopers." (Lucas) Of course, "storm trooper" was a German term developed in the First World War to defined the assault troops used in battle. Nazi Germany used the term "storm trooper" to define the troops used in the many invasions of European countries by the Germans. Therefore, Nazi Germany is by far the greatest current example of evil and intolerance in the modern world.

While the Nazi regime was evil, it is...
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