admired staff members, Babar Butt, for your MBA program. Babar is a focused, creative problem solver who communicates well with colleagues and customers. We appreciate Babar at Bismil Inc. For his ability to anticipate the needs of customers, organize sales, and motivate staff members.

Bismil Inc. is one of the largest authorized retailers for T-mobile. As a manager for three Bismil Inc. stores, Babar has doubled monthly revenues, and contributed to the overall success of T-mobile in the region.

One of Babar's greatest strengths as a store manager is his ability to quickly internalize characteristics of new product lines, and to anticipate customers' needs. He then articulates product selling points and trains his team to present the products in exciting ways. He also shows unusual intuition of various markets, and a seemingly infinite amount of creative ideas.

As a business planner, Babar's attention to detail is impeccable, and his organization...
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