Applying Leadership Theory to Leadership Practice

In this paper the writer researches and writes a literature review on a Applying Leadership Theory to Leadership Practice. The research paper is a comprehensive thematic review of the scholarly literature related to the topic. The leadership theories to focus on are: Path-Goal Theory; Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory; Psychodynamic Approach Theory; outcome and situational leadership; Leadership focused on effectiveness and productivity; Leadership and Body language; and lastly, the Synergistic Leadership Theory.

The mechanisms through which leadership and power may be put into effect and "travel" within a group of people: bottom-up; Top-down; lateral (termed as shared leadership); and integrated (a combination of top-down, bottom-up, and lateral leadership), can be described using the leadership models explained in this paper. The top-down model; is a seductive siren song associated to the real-life performance of leadership in organizations. Thus many research and practitioners believe that leadership is...
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