Maoist China and Post-War East Asia

To Live and the oral interviews of Chinese citizens who suffered under the Maoist regimes should be on the list of essential reading material for any individual compiling an encyclopedia entry on the life of Mao Zedong. While reading Mao's actual biography by a credible author would be important, the impact of Mao's life upon the populace is equally significant. The biographical text would be used for the basic information about Mao's life -- the circumstances under which he was born, what moved him to adopt communism, and his struggle against the Chinese nationalists that ultimately cumulated in his ascendency to leadership in China.

However, these 'driver's license' facts only scratch the surface of how Mao is remembered by the Chinese people. Interviews such as "A foot of mud and a pile of shit" show the suffering of people forced to toil the land...
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