Nursing Diagnosis Care Plan

Assessment Data Analysis

a) Patient is a 65-year-old male Mexican-born retired bus driver with a relevant past medical history of atrial fibrillation and deep vein thrombosis treated with Coumadin who presents with hematuria. Patient sought care after witnessing blood in his urine and feeling generally weak. In addition, the patient has history of hypertension, stroke, DVT, BPH, gout, depression, anxiety, chronic bronchitis and a remote history of chicken pox. He has no known allergies. Past surgical history is only remarkable for appendectomy. Patient drinks alcohol (1 beer/day), smokes (1/2 pack/day) and has never used illicit drugs. Patient reports a family history of hypertension, arthritis, asthma, colon cancer, diabetes and gastric ulcers. Prescription medications: Coumadin 3mg by mouth daily, Flomax (Tamsulosin) 0.4mg by moth daily, Senna 187mg PO daily, Metoprolol Tartrate 12.5mg by mouth daily, Lisinopril 2.5mg by mouth twice a day, Finasteride 5mg by mouth daily,...
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