At ____, I served for a year as Editor in Chief for the North American Students Association (NASA), two years as NASA Vice-President for the UAG Student Body, and three years as class president. I was also elected by university officials to represent the UAG at the National AMSA Conventions in Washington DC, and Chicago, IL. I was fortunate enough to receive medical accreditation at the federal level and to be awarded the certificate as best Medical Pasante in the ____ Region.

In ____, I managed to acquire the donation of an ambulance [for/from] the ____ [from/for] the City of Laredo, Texas. Finally, some of the work from which I derived the most personal satisfaction was in connection with teaching 5th and 8th Grade Spanish at the University of Incarnate Word, in Guangzhou, China.

Personal Qualities

I have developed an in-depth knowledge of medical treatment processes and terminologies and possess...
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