Kimmel, it is gender inequality, rather than gender differences that is the cause of gender differences in men and women. And gender inequality is caused from the earliest age on depending on the specific country and age that we live in. Kimmel is not even sure whether gender inequality, does not exist today. It is thought that it has vanished, yet in many areas, it still seems to be flourishing.

Each of the stories presented illustrate Kimmel's theme and indicate how gender inequality is a substance that has been socially created during a specific epoch and in a special place.

In the "Yellow Wallpaper" (Stetson), you have the horrific story of a woman who became senile due to the way her husband and caretakers treated her. She hated the room, hated the bondage, and hated her 'liberty'. She wanted to write; wanted different furnishings; wanted to get out; wanted to...
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