Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory

The concept of the self has been addressed by many psychology theorists. Self-concept and self-esteem are considered to be the feelings and constructs that people experience in relation to themselves. The idea that self-concept and self-esteem are closely linked to people's abilities to deal with changes and issues in their lives -- and to provide some measure of control over what happens to them -- is documented widely in the work of psychologists from the social cognitive branch of psychology (Bandura, 2002). Self-esteem is the evaluative and affective dimension of the self-concept (Mann, 2004).

How does Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory help us to understand Annie's comment "I just can't do this writing stuff"? Bandura developed a construct known as self-system (Cherry, 2011). The self-system posited by Bandura consisted of a person's abilities, cognitive skills, and attitudes, and further, it impacts how people perceive situations and...
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