Inventions Revolution

Modern Inventions that Revolutionized American Society

Birth Control Pill

The first birth control pill came into the market in 1960 giving women greater autonomy on their fertility. Within five years of introduction, 6 million American women were using the pill a fact that revolutionized the control for the single, young women . Women felt a greater determination to sexually liberate themselves from the social norms of marital fidelity and chastity. Although women and men were bound by public mores and religious doctrines, men had a loophole to exploit in practicing the moral code. Men could easily practice sexual relations outside of marriage with lesser consequences compared to women .

The advent of the birth control pill changed the matrix by making even the risks and steeply lowering the accidental risk of unwanted marriages following accidental parenthood. Even though, virginity had grown out of fashion with a majority in...
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