Cluster Analysis

By using two different data sets, this paper aims at improving two analyses conducted relating to leadership effectiveness and community policing studies. In addition, in the paper, reliability tests and factor analyses on some of the six scales of importance used in the Community Policing study are looked at in-depth. Besides, the analysis conducted by Dr. Eveland is re-evaluated in this paper.

Leadership Effectiveness

From the report conducted by Dr. Eveland, several multiple regression analyses were initiated to help determine the existence of any relationship among the nine scales to the dependable variable, Q75; overall satisfaction with the manager as a leader. When plotted in a graph, the variable moderately skewed toward higher values.

Additionally, a simple multiple regression of all the predictors showed a statistically significant relationship between predictors and variables (F = 19.33, df = 9, 462, p< 0.001, R2 = 0.27). Nevertheless, beta coefficients for...
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