European Union's Emission Trading System

What is the stated purpose behind the EU ETS?

The EU ETS has been a cap and trade method made to incentivise economical cutbacks in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) coming from carbon-intensive industrial sectors as well as electrical power generators. Proof shows that the executive load (the expense of checking, confirming and validation of emissions and costs to government bodies) involving the EU ETS upon smaller sized emitters has been disproportionately big. Article 27 involving the EU ETS Directive offers a great opt out via the EU ETS in Phase III (2013-2020) to lessen the executive burdens upon small-scale emitters as well as hospitals. It entails that opted out setups deal with procedures which attain a similar share to emissions cutbacks as though the setup had been still within the EU ETS. The aim in providing an opt-out has been to incentivise GHG pollutants cutbacks...
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