Sexism Against Women

Sexism is the unfair preference of one gender and its capabilities over the other gender. (Gotz, 1999) Sexism is not a bias that just comes out of nowhere and is present in the world today. This tradition or problem in fact is present in the society's culture since thousands of years. (Gotz, 1999) The Marxist view believed that sexism is basically a form of radical feminism. That is to say that the capitalistic structure our society is molded in today gives rise to sexism in the work place, society and even in politics. (Gotz, 1999) The stereotypical roles that are present in almost every social practice today are very firm and will require radical changes for them to be reversed.

Why exactly is their sexism present in the workforce today? Experts argue that the stem of sexism grows from the female stereotype. There are two stereotypes of...
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