Muscles Involved in the Backhand Action of the Tennis Shot

The Muscles That Initiate and Assist in Backhand Motion

The motion that is most important in the backhand motion is the grip. A proper grip is vital in any movement when playing tennis. For the grip, the index knuckle of the dominant hand is placed on the top bevel. These muscles are smaller muscles and include;

Abductor Pollicis brevis

Flexor Pollicis brevis

Abductor digiti minimi brevis

Flexor digiti minimi brevis

Opponens pollicis

Opponens digiti minimi.

The backhand grip enables one to develop firmness that allow maximum power and spin enabling the player to get maximum utilization of the backhand. In addition, the backhand grip reciprocates well the stroke and allows a good leverage in the stroke to handle the ball from different angles. The Eastern and modified Eastern backhand grip are used when the player intends to return a hard...
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