Police Administration; Structures, Processes, And Behaviors 8th Edition

The Evolution of Police Administration

Over the centuries, police administration has evolved in several important respects including how police have been organized and what they considered their core strategy for providing value to the communities they serve (Perry, 2001). It is argued that the present police work is not very different from previous police work performed by the London Bobbies in 1829 and the New York cops in 1845. During this time, police dealt with alcoholics, wayward children, thieves and smugglers just like now. It is upheld that police organizations were initiated based on the government's response to the inevitable consequences of urbanization and industrialization. Therefore, policing initiatives were actions taken by the ruling elites to bring under control the working classes and other dangerous as well as submissive individuals. Based on this, the police force is viewed as the repressive arm...
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