Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders

Main Points:

Aging is one of the most important social, political, and economic issues in America at the moment.

People are living longer, but they are not necessarily living better.

It is important to have new models of aging that bring families together rather than condone or enable isolation and alienation.

There are cultural differences in attitudes toward the elderly.

Generation gaps also reveal points of divergence and reveal fractures in inter-generational communication.

Structure: Book is divided into three main parts comprising ten chapters, plus a prelude, an introduction, and a conclusion.

Part I. "Landscape of Age"

Chapter 1. "Another Country"

The author uses visiting another country as a metaphor for aging.

Example: When we try to communicate with someone from another country, there are cultural and language barriers. It is the same way when we speak to someone of...
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