Passing PTLLS Assessments (Lifelong Learning Sector Series) Ann Gravells. Preparing Teach Lifelong Learning Sector: The New Award Inclusive Learning assignment.

Inclusive Learning: How to incorporate it into a classroom of adult learners

"Inclusive learning is about involving all of your students, treating them equally and fairly, without indirectly or directly excluding anyone" (Gravells 2012: 56). For an instructor of adults, the principles of inclusive learning are particularly important. Even an instructor of elementary school-aged children is aware of the fact that children may come into the classroom with different levels of preparation and learning orientations. However, a class of adults will be even more diverse. Not only will there be students who are visual as opposed to verbal learners or students with learning differences, but there will be a mixed bag in terms of levels of preparation. Some students may not have been subjected to the rigors of a classroom...
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