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Title: neoliberalism to the notion of exploitation

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Essay Instructions: Apply an analysis of neoliberalism to the notion of exploitation. Discuss both the exploitation of space and time. How does conflict emerge in relation to space and time? What are three specific areas of conflict between the laborer and those who control the means of production.

Ground rules for the paper:

Clarity: Your paper should be easily read. Sentences should be well constructed. The use of semicolons (;) are discouraged but not prohibited. Keep your sentences succinct and lead each paragraph with a topic sentence, which is supported by the body of the paragraph.

Position: Your paper must assume either one of two positions. Either you defend the stance or you critique the stance. You cannot do both.

Justification: All positions require justification. If you defend an stance you must support your defense of this stance using textual citation. The same is true for a stance that you are critiquing. You may not use the same textual citation that the original author used to support his or her point. For example, if the author is arguing that mediation is facilitated by an impartial party and uses Zartman to support this claim, you cannot also use Zartman to support your defensive position. You must find an alternative source for your justification.


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Title: neoliberalism and globalization

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Essay Instructions: The final paper in labour studies this semester is a short research paper on the topic of workers or work and neoliberalism and/or globalization. 12-15 pages length, 6-8academic sources.

the topic is very open, you can focus and make an argument about pretty much any aspect of neoliberalism or globalization in which you are interested, you can include your perspective, but i am expecting a paper that bases its analysis on evidence, not assumptions.

So, identify an argument, and try to prove it, either using a case study or more broadly based secondary research.

If you want to use case study, try use cases from Canada.

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Title: neoliberalism

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Essay Instructions: Please using at least three examples from readings I submited but NOT OUTSIDE SOURCE, make an argument about the role of neoliberal ideology on development and poverty reduction in differentregions of the world. You may reference some or all of the political, economic, cultural or societal effects of neoliberal doctrines. Please be sure to clearly state what you mean by “neoliberalism.” Please also be sure to make an argument about the validity, suitability, benefits and/or drawbacks of neoliberalism as a tool of poverty reduction and development. Do NOT only narrate the history of neoliberalism.

Please use easy words and more short sentences.
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Title: Anti Globalization Anti Capitalism vs Neoliberalism

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Essay Instructions: Question:
None of the authors we've read(from Burke to Habermas - Referring to Edmund Burke's "Speech on Opening the Impeachment of Warren Hastings" edited by David Bromwich and Jurgen Habermas' "The Postnational Constellation" Chapters 3-4)believe that capitalism and globalization will lead to the betterment of humanity on their own. This runs contrary to the prevailing neoliberal ideology. Do you agree or disagree? If you agree , explain what you think could and should be done. If you disagree, explain why, or provide a defense of neoliberalism.

I want an essay in disagreement. Unless theres a better answer to be written in agreement, then write it that way.

Burke's speech will be included for reference in PDF form. I don't believe Jurgen Habermas' book will be absolutely necessary in writing this essay, but as stated earlier it is Habermas, Jürgen: The Postnational Constellation: Political Essays (MIT Press, 2001). translated by Max Pensky. Relevant chapters are 3 and 4.
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