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Title: Nelson Mandela

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Essay Instructions: I am gr. 12 student from Canada and i an taking canadian and international low. I have to research and write 600-700 word paper. I must evaluate the influence of individual citizens who have struggled to change the low.
I should examine and report on the following: what the legal issues were that the individual believed needed change; what actions he/she undertook to bringabout the change; how successful he/she was; which legal tradition (positive or natural) was he/she influenced by; and, if possible,which philosopher would have exerted an influence; and finally, whether the you would have proceeded differently -if yes then why and how, if no then why not.
Individuals who could be examined include:
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King,Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandi,
David Suzuki, Jhon F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy,Tommy Douglas.
I must include a bibliography in MLA style.

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Title: In a Five paragraph essay explain Nelson Mandela a hero Introduction Three body paragraphs Conclusion All thinks make a hero included

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Essay Instructions: In a Five paragraph essay explain why you think Nelson Mandela was a hero

Three body paragraphs

All the thinks that would make them a hero should be included

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Title: Nelson Mandela

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Essay Instructions: I am applying for Claremont McKenna College. Here are the specific directions that I was given:

"Leadership is a constant theme and emphasis at CMC. In fact, one of the way we describe CMC students is 'Leaders in the Making.' Identify and discuss a person, fictional or non-fictional, who has helped shape culture and thought. You may select someone from any field: literature, the arts, science, politics, history, athletics, business, education, etc."

The reason I chose Nelson Mandela for this essay, is because he was incarcerated and was able to come out of the experience a better person. I have also been incarcerated (for six years), and I would like to show the college admissions staff that people can in fact be successful after being released from prison. I would also like to show the admissions staff that prison can be a positive, and even life-changing experience, rather than the negative one that many people perceive it as.

If it helps at all for your reference, I made considerable positive changes while I was incarcerated. This was truly a defining moment in my life, which made me into a better person. I focused on spending my time productively while I was in there. This was acheived by reading a lot, exercising, developing my people skills, and taking college courses. I ended up graduating with a 3.95 gpa and was named the class salutatorian. Aside from academics, I matured a lot, built character, and became a more appreciative and more insightful person.

I am aware that Nelson Mandela also spent his time in jail productively, and I would like to have some comparisons drawn between us, if possible. I would also like to show that I identify with some of his qualities, such as, being committed in one's goal, being persistent, being resilient, and being disciplined. Although I would like to relate myself into this essay to a certain extent, please focus primarily on Nelson Mandela, as he is the topic. Please also be careful to not make this essay read too much like a biography, which it is not intended to be.

Lastly, please mention Nelson Mandela's accomplishments, such as, abolishing apartheid, and earning the nobel peace prize. Thank you!

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Title: Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

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Essay Instructions: PHL/458 Creative Minds and Critical Thinking
Reflection and Conversation
Subject: Nelson Mandela
Reflect on one of the major ideas of one thinker from your paper.
Share the name of the thinker, the idea, and the problem or issue that the idea was intended to solve.
Discuss whether or not the idea was correct and effective.

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