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Title: NCAA Regulations

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Essay Instructions: This paper is a research paper to complete an internship requirement for graduation. I have been doing an internship with a brand new Sports management company in NYC, including the recruitment of college athletes. The fax I will be sending is specific in the manner in which the paper is to be written, materials to be used and what is to be covered in the paper. Please follow those instructions.

The topic of the paper must be on the the problems with the NCAA ruling against Jeremy Bloom and the University of Colorado football team. Jeremy Bloom was ruled ineligible to play football at the University of Colorado because he had accepted paid endorsements for professional skiing. Need to look at both sides of the decision and any other ruling by the NCAA in this area. My position is that he should be allowed to play since there is a separation between the two sports. I would compare it to someone who plays amateur sports, yet is a musician or artist and gets paid for their work.

There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: 1) Summarize Litigation of the case: Adrian Arrington, Derek Owens, Mark Turner and Angela Palacios v. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

2) Identify and criticize the most outrages features of the Ncaa adopted Concussion Management Plan Legislation(NCAA HANDBOOK pag 53-58) they are also mentioned in the case. You can identify them with bullet proof (eg. On game 1 day policy returning to athletics activities at least the remainder of the calendar day).

Good short article about the case might help: Concussion Litigation Against the NCAA is Gathering Momentum,

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Title: case analysis and response Onyshko v NCAA

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Essay Instructions: please only use 3 sources i upload
read document with full assignment i will upload

you will need to do this:You are a junior associate at Goldberg, Persky & White, PC, the law firm representing plaintiffs in the case of Onyshko v. NCAA pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

? Is there a duty to protect someone from the risks inherent in a sport or recreational activity?
? Does it matter if the initial risk (in this case, hits to the head) has consequences not specifically contemplated by the person who is injured as long as that person knows about the initial risk?
? Does the NCAA have a duty to protect college football players like Mr. Onyshko? What about a duty to warn?
? If the NCAA does have those duties, how do they arise? Out of relationship, knowledge, something else?
? If the NCAA has a duty to Mr. Onyshko, does the defense of assumption of risk or other similar defenses apply to bar or reduce the NCAA?s liability? (While this question is not raised on the motion to dismiss, Mr. Luckasevic wants you to consider it since it may come up later.)

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Title: The world of Sports Management and Agents

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Essay Instructions: Below are two interviews that i did with the Compliance Officer (Alisha Tucker) from Norfolk State Univ. and a Professional Basketball (Russia) by the name of Josh Brown. Brief summaries of both interviews are needed in the essay. I'm an aspiring agent, so this essay needs to be about breaking into the industry.

(Alisha Tucker)
1. What are the regulations of your institution, conference, state, and NCAA regarding agent representation.

State of VA does not require agent registration as some other states do. As a courtesy I ask agents to notify me if they are speaking with our athletes. Reputable ones will with no problem.

2. What are your expectations, as the Compliance Officer, for sports agents.

I don?t really have any expectations other than for agents to provide documentation (proof that they are who they say they are) if requested. Most will provide this up front anyway. Again reputable agents will want to do things the right way and are already knowledgeable of rules/regulations to safeguard the student-athletes.

3. Please revisit some of your past experiences with agents on your campus explain how to get registered with the school.

Most agents will send us a packet with their information and let us know who they?re interested in and when they will be on campus. Some try to sidestep the process and go through the coaches but my coaches and the athletes will notify me when they have been contacted by agents. For the most part since I?ve been here we have not had any major ?issues? with sports agents. The ones we have dealt with were interested in those athletes who had exhausted eligibility or had declared that they were formally forgoing any remaining eligibility.

(Josh Brown)
1. Finding an agent out of college was quite a challenge. Most well known programs such as a duke, north Carolina, Kentucky, etc provide you with agents upon graduating or leaving to play professionally. However, I went to a mid - major (towson university) so it was tougher. I had research different agents on the Internet and surprisingly on facebook. I got some feedback from a handful of agents, but the agent I have now was acquired through a buddy of mine who plays professionally as well. He told him about me, I contacted him through facebook and we went from there.

2. Yes, this is only agent I have dealt with since going pro. I get contacted from different agents throughout the season, and I sometimes try to promote myself to top agencies as well. Agents usually draw up in the contract that they are the only ones you can deal with business wise, and you must consult them. It is very tricky trying to talk with different agents because if two agents try to promote you to the same team it can make you and the participating agencies look unprofessional. When I try to promote myself to elite agencies I try to avoid agents in the same country to avoid this conflict. For the most part I have been working with my same agent though.

3. My agent duties mostly consist of promoting me to better teams each year, drawing up my contract, and legal matters. For example, after the season my agent job should be working the most. Finding the team that is the best fit for my career, and ensuring I get a job. In addition, they contact the teams and agree on deals with salary. So he would come to me with the offer and I would just have to sign the papers.

4. My agent is independent, I believe he has his own firm with one more partner.

5. Overall, I am satisfied with my agent. He has been honest from the beginning since I met him, has provided with jobs, and a since of security. An agent's connections are extremely important, thus at times I find myself wanting the big time agents who can help blossom my career even more. Honesty in an agent is most important, seeing as though some agents play games with clients.

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