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Title: Naturalisim Native Son

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Essay Instructions: Native Son By Richard Wright is the name of the book for the term paper
-the paper should be based upon the primary texts and your responses and analyses of them. include direct quotes from the primary texts to illustrate your ideas. all quoted and paraphrased material must include MLA documentation and works cited format.
-should include at least three secondary sources- critical,autobiographical or biographical, in addition to the primary text and background section.all quoted and paraphrased material must innclude MLA documentation and work cited format
-in a well developed, unified essy with a clearly articulated thesis statement and using specific examples (including direct quotes and critical sources)
(I) Introduction
(A) definition and charecteristics of naturalism
- philosophy of determinism
- thoughts, emotions, actions of men and women are determined by forces beyond their control- nature, heredity, social environment
-writers attempt to achieve objectivity--- view charector / actions with scientific realism-- literature as an experiment
-Naturalism has a range from total determinismto limited choice
- naturalism is influenced by science
(B) Native Son as naturalistic-----Thesis
{define in the novel what is meant by biological forces,evironmental forces, the right to reform(how they are deterministic)}
(A) structure - fear, flight, fate
(B) biology - black
(C) environment - racist USA
Rat represnting Bigger

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Title: native son

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Essay Instructions: Hello, This paper should be an argumentative research paper 1200 words 3-4 sources on Richard Wrights Native Son.

Please support Biggers role as a black man forced to violence through the pressures of a white society.

Please also try to include the Marxs ideology that Richard wright utilized in his writings.(class struggle etc etc..)

I would also like it if you could incorporate wrights existentialist ideology, and his position as a predecessor of the black rights movement and how he portrayed this through his character Bigger Thomas.

In the conclusion could you try to make inferences or predictions on what wright was trying to predict between interacial relationships. How was this apparent in his story the native son?

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Title: Native Son by Richard Wright

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Essay Instructions: I need to write an essay from the book Native Son, by Richard Wright. The essay should explain how some specific actions of some of the characters (three) symbolize their life as a whole.

I need to have a thesis sentence in the intro and then a transition/topic sentence in each paragraph that backs up the topic sentence. (a minimum of at least 3 paragraphs).

All the body paragraphs must have the concrete details that back up the topic sentence. They must be in the form of an explanation with a direct quote from the book and must have page citations. The quotes do not have to be said by anyone, they can be by the narrator. Then I need to explain the significance of the concrete details.

Must have a good conclusion.

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Title: James Baldwin

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Essay Instructions: "Notes of a native son" by James Baldwin
I need a paper assignment.
the topic
The intersection between a personal life and social, political, and historical forces in which that life is being lived. The relationship between Baldwin and the wider political/social climate in which he lived, as well as think about your own life, and the relationship between your life and the social/ political atmosphere in which you live/lived

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