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Title: Documented analysis of The Scarlet Letter See Additional Specifications below

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Essay Instructions: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

•The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th ed.) is the gold standard for preparing the paper for submission. Online guides to MLA formatting are available and plentiful. There is a useful guide at the following url:

Assignment Guidelines:

The research paper for this course is a 7-9 page documented analysis of a novel by a American author. Not all American authors were born in America, but the novels students choose to write about should have authors generally accepted as American authors. The works cited page is not included in the 7-9 pages.

Use 12-point Times New Roman font for the research paper. This font ensures that all students are writing the same approximate number of words. Larger fonts can artificially lengthen a paper and create inequity in our learning community.

Please use MLA format to prepare the research paper (see tips).
You may choose the topic of this essay, but it must deal with one of the readings or some concept or idea from the readings from this course. It is acceptable for you to decide to expand on one of the discussion board questions, one of the reading quiz questions or even one of the short essays for this research paper.
The “default” novels for the research paper are Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and James Fennimore Cooper’s The Pioneers. Selected chapters from both works are required reading for this course, but you are expected to read the works in their entirety.
If a student wishes to write the research paper based on another American novel that fits within the periods studied in this course, he or she should contact me via e-mail for approval. No research paper completed on a novel other than The Scarlet Letter or The Pioneers will be accepted without this prior approval.
You are encouraged to use quotes from the work(s) on which you are writing, but keep in mind that a good essay only uses relevant quotes, and then only to clarify an idea or make a point. Quotes should be kept to a minimum, both in length and number.
Please contact me if you have questions about the research paper.
No late papers will be accepted. Any student who does not submit the research paper by the deadline will receive zero points for the assignment.

Required Text:
Perkins, George, and Barbara Perkins, editors. The American Tradition in Literature, Volume I, 12th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007. ISBN: 3714.

Access to a computer with Microsoft Word (all assignments must be submitted in Word format).

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Nathaniel Hawthorne's The minister's Black Veil
Underline the theseis.

Analyze the story by at least 3 of the following terms: irony, ambiguity, paradox, active evil, determinism, psychological analysis, alienation (isolated character), guilt, pride, Puritan New England, individual vs. society, fate vs. free will, allegory, love vs. hate.

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Title: Literature

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1737 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Norton Critical Edition (Nathaniel Hawthorne''s Tales) Edited by James McIntosh. Please read at least these three stories: "Young Goodman Brown""The Birthmark""Ethan Brand".
In relation to these short stories read the following critical excerpts: "Hawthorne and His Mosses, "Herman Melville P337
"Early Writings,"Henry James" P 350
"Visible Sanctity"Michael Colacurcio" P 389
"Hawthorne''s"The Birthmark" Robert B Heilman P 421
{The Tales of the Manse Period} Nina Baym P427
{"Ethan Brand"} Leo Marx P 432
Certainly additional selections in the texts for the class, both the norton critcal edition and the Roberts & Jacobs, may be read and included in the support for the THESIS in the critical paper. The assigned selections are considered a minimum.
Once the reading is completed, the student will complete the Subject Approval sheet and submit for approval. This signed sheet is to be handed in with the finished critical paper. The paper will be no longer than 6 pages and No shorter than 4 pages of text.
In addition to the 4 to 6 pages of text, the paper should have an "outline" which will consist of the THESIS Statement followed by the primary points supporting, developing, exemplifying, illuminating the THESIS.
The THESIS is a declarative statement whose subject is the subject of the paper and which clearly states the attitude, bias, direction of the text. The 4 to 6 pages will contain an introduction section, the body of the paper or the development of the thesis, and a conclusion or summary. All the material used in the paper will be documented in the MLA format. The final page of the paper will be a bibliography of all the works used in the paper. Titled"WORK Cited" it will be in the correct MLA format! The completed paper will consist of an "Appendix" if such information is not precisely the subject of the paper.
Papers should be typed, double spaced with margins of 1 to 1 1/2 inches, the larger margin to accommodate page numbers. Only the pages of the text need to be numbered and should be numbered in the same location throughout the paper.
I hope this Helps I have written this paper 2 with bad scores (D''s).

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Title: literature

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1356 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: A three page paper on Nathaniel Hawthorne''s "The Man of Adamant" which should indicate the various ways in which Hawthorne indicates that Richard Digby is a religious zealot whose ideas are actually anti-Christian.

The papar should begin with an analytical thesis and should develop your position with a combination of your ideas and ideas drawn from the story. For the conclusion do not repeat the main ideas or begin the final paragraph with "As I have shown you" or "In Conclusion" ect.. The conclusion should be the best point, or some interesting implication of what you have developed in your paper.

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