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Title: Narrative Argument

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Essay Instructions: Narrative Argument
This essay should be between 750 - 800 words.

The essence of this first assignment is using a story to illustrate an argument. That is, other assignments will use statistics, testimony, studies to support the claim. In this essay only the story is used to support the claim. Be sure your essay has these two parts: a claim worth making and a story that illustrates that claim. To be sure that your essay has exigence

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Title: Frederick Douglass

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Essay Instructions: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,

His impact on America and Equal rights for men and women

Some quotes

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Essay Instructions: Narrative of the life of
Frederick Douglass An American Slave written by himself with introduction by Peter J Gomes and a New Afterword by Gregory Stephens
Signet classics-Published by New American Library a division of Penguin Group

Isolate Three scenes that, for you, effectively capture the horrors of slavery using literary devices(pathos, logos, ethos, etc.)
Construct a paragraph for each example with:
1) a clear topic sentence
2) provide a brief summary of the incident, identify characters and places
3) analyze the scene in terms of rhetorical strategies (pathos, logos, ethos, diction, metaphors, imagery, etc.)
4) conclude each of the 3 paragraphs with a sentence that shows a connection between the topic sentence and Douglass' brilliant use of rhetorical devices to underscore the horror of slavery

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Title: Personal Narrative

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The narrative statement should be a mature and self-reflective essay (2-3 typed pages) detailing your
reasons for pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in the motion picture arts.

The essay should take into account your history, formative creative experiences, contemporary influences and inspirations, and personal artistic dreams.

The history section is up to the writer. I have had training in film at John Robert Powers Agency in Chicago, IL when I was scouted at age 13 and fell in love with acting. Ever since then I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue. After high school I took a break to travel and really find myself and my passion. I am an only child and have family members in television in chicago on channel five news nbc Leanna Trotter. My mother was a model/actress in her hayday which has probably also inspired me to follow in her footsteps.

Please make sure the narrative is well written and pulls influential figures from the film world as influences and inspirations. Thanks!

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