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Instructions for Narcotics Anonymous College Essay Examples

Title: Case Study

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Essay Instructions: Case Study 4 pages

In this case study you will make up a case of a person struggling with a drug problem. You will detail the following things in your assignment:

1) Background of the person (addict)- name, where they live, gender, age, number of times arrested (and for what type of offenses), marital status, number of children, occupation
a) age and circumstances when first started using
2) Drug(s) person uses (must be a substance covered in powerpoint)- include amount and frequency in the description; method of delivery (oral, injection, etc.)
a) List the street names for each of the above
3) Detail the chemical reaction the drug(s) display in the body-nervous system effects, etc.
4) Effects of overdose and withdraw symptoms for the drugs mentioned above
5) Prevention techniques that could have been used
6) Treatment modality recommended

Most of the information covered in # 1 and 2 are fictitious (in other words- you make it up). Information you provide in #3-6 must be based on research and information from the course material. The formatting for the assignment is outline paragraph form.

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Online Websites for Drug and Alcohol Prevention

? Alcoholics Anonymous:
Narcotics Anonymous:
? National Institute of Drug Abuse:
? National Library of Medicine: ml
? Northern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous:
? Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration:
? US Department of Health and Human Services:
? World Health Organization:

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: 12 steps self help group

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Essay Instructions: Guidelines for Assignment:

a) Attend two 12-Step meetings. One must be an AA meeting. The other may be any other 12-Step meeting (NA, CA, ALANON, CODA, LIFE-RING (SOS), Rational or Smart Recovery, Women for Sobriety, etc)

b) Attend only OPEN meetings (unless you are in recovery). You may prefer SPEAKER meetings, which tend to be larger and less intimate for newcomers and visitors, but DISCUSSION meetings and other types are also acceptable if they are open. If you currently participate in an AA group, you might want to choose a different self-help group that will provide a new learning experience for you.

c) Please plan to attend alone, to sensitize yourself to the experience that clients have when they are asked to attend A.A. Please remember to respect the anonymity of the people at these meetings. If asked why you are there, explain that you are a student in training and you want to learn more about 12-step programs.

The PAPER - Writing requirements:

Write a paper, no more than 8?10 pages double spaced, on your observations, experience and reactions to the meeting and beliefs concerning the relevance of self help groups in benefitting clients with addictions. Indicate the name, place, date of the Meeting and the Name of the Group Leader. Discuss your beliefs about 12-Step groups before you went to your first meeting based on course readings. Give a brief description of the events of the meeting. Discuss your reaction to going to the meetings, what transpired in the meetings, and any reactions after the meetings. Either through reading the program literature, or through conversation with members of the group, learn what the program suggests for ways to deal with a common recovery problem, such as managing cravings, dealing with guilt and shame from addiction, repairing relationships, etc. (known at the ?tools? of recovery). How you might use your new knowledge about the ?tools? to help a client? How you feel about feel about referring clients to 12-step meetings based on your experiences at the meetings, (related to the course readings.) In addition, identify elements of the meetings or the AA approach that you can tie into the text/other class materials. Be sure to cite your text or other materials at least 7 times. Describe how alternative self-help groups are different to traditional 12-step groups and what is the significance in the recovery process? Do other models use a strengths approach?

Examples of Self Help Groups:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
CA (Cocaine Anonymous)
ACA (Adult Children Anonymous; formerly Adult Children of Alcoholics)
SA (Sexaholics Anonymous)
GA (Gamblers Anonymous)
Nicotine Anonymous
CoDA (CoDependents Anonymous)
MM (Moderation Management)
ALANON (for families of AA members)
NARCANON (for families of NA members)
S-ANON (for familes and friends affected by sexually addicted people)
RR (Rational Recovery)
SOS (Secular Organization for Sobriety)
SWFS (Women for Sobriety)

Excerpt From Essay:

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