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Essay Instructions: statement of Purpose for Education, M.A in Education.
?There Are No Shortcuts? by Rafe Esquithe, a 1981 graduate of UCLA.
As my role model, Rafe Esquithe inspires me of standing on the side of the disadvantaged who are less educated, poor people and immigrants. Education only can be the legacy to make their offspring have more successful life. Surely there are no shortcuts for them to make their dream come true without teachers? both emotional and physical support. Also, this phrase reflexes my long term life journey to become a teacher which is my dream since I was in middle school. For the first time, I was introduced the language of English that is a communication tool which can lead me to another world by my English teacher, Queen Lee. She made me from a country side little girl to a global person.
In my childhood, I was born in a very small village in Korea. There was no transportation, education systems nothing but a small church. During my school ages, I had to walk for three hours to go to school. However, I feel so graceful because now I?m in the USA. I majored Medical Laboratory Science to make living for. My dream, however, was to be a teaching person since 13years old. Therefore, after getting a job in a hospital as a medical technician, I used to study after work. Even though keeping both of working and studying was very hard, it was very worthy of me. After receiving B.A in Education, I could start teaching in a moderate sized city in 2002. While teaching, I kept studying in English Literature and acquired B.A in English Language and Literature. So I could teach English and mathematics to students from elementary school to junior high school. Around 6years past from I have taught, I felt that I needed to learn more due to my lack of knowledge. Teacher must be an example to students in everything. That?s the reason why I?m here.
In my twenties, Out of my teaching career, my feature about teaching was affection to my pupils because most of my students were in low income family or divorced family. They need to get some affection not lesson from me. Fortunately, I could read their mind and thoughts so that I solved their personal problems as well as school grade problems. There was one of my students who was 10-year-old boy bullied by classmates. I treated him very carefully and respectfully, therefore; the rest of his classmates became respectful of him afterward.

In my thirties, I'm studying abroad heading an expert to teaching field

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