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Title: 3rd and final hardship letter

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Essay Instructions: 3rd and final hardship letter.

I am sending you 2 of the past letters to use (Via Email). I has most all the info you will need to make this last letter.

I will also write here the changes that have been made and to be added in this final letter

One important note to be made is my finance forms ( paystubs) that I will be sending with the letter are much lower then normal. I have had a some injuries that keep me from working. But I am now better and working full time again. Also I want to let them know the reason I am now behind on my payments. Is that the payments are almost 100% of my income. And I have no disaster relief savings I have used all that I can pull from my retirement and annuity to pay the mortgage. I am out of money.
There has been many unexpected expenses that have come up in the past 3 months that have forced me to miss payments. 1st someone I don’t know who ran in too the garage door and knocked it to the ground. It left my home open to everyone. And the Door leading in to the house is not the proper door ( it’s a week indoor door not ment for security) and will not shut do to an improper fit. I don’t live in the best of name hoods and there has been brake ins so I was forsted to buy a new door total cost was $1200.
Then the Hot water heater Blow up. Water was everyway flooded the place. It cost me $1050 to replace and another $500 for the cleaning so the place will not mildew. I still have open walls where the drywall was ripped off to run new drain lines. Then shortly after that. The AC condensation line got backed up and flooded. But it was going in to a room that I don’t go in too. So I didn’t know it was flooding so bad till I seen it coming out of the walls. To clean everything and the repairs was another $ 600. But the damage is too extensive and there will be some bad mold issues. The carpeting will have to be replaced. Also the main sliding glass door will not lock but I have scweed it shut. For safety. So as you can see with the injuries I got with my foot and then all this happening at the sometime. I had no choice but to stop playing the mortgage. I had to make the respires . Or the place would not be livable at all. It still may not be with the mold issues. I am asking for your help. I have giving everything for this home.
I believe I am a victim here. When I got my loan with you guys. I had a much better one to start with. I had 5 years tell it would go variable. But I was trying to do the right thing and refinance it to a 30 year fixed. I was Told by agents that I was getting a 30 year fixed lone. At payments of 2100. I should of known that something was fishy when they told me that there copier was broken so they would mail me the copy of the forms. And I should of read thos forms better after they mailed them to me. But this was my 1st home. And I was raised in a family of missionaries I was raised to be trusting and responsible. I feel so naive. I could hardly believe the letter I got 2 year later saying my payments were going up.
This home has made me go In to bankruptcy. It as made me pull the maxim out of my 2 retirement funds. Take on 2 jobs. And I am still falling short. I need your help. Please consider me for the Obama programs. If I can have this home at 31% of my income instead of almost 100% I could start to save again. I could plan ahead for troubling repairs. And make this home grate. Please I can not survive another disaster. As it is my cars catholic converter is going out. I can drive it for a short time with out it kuss its just a sencer. But I will have to fix it before my next smog check and that’s expensive. I need a lower payment so I can save for things like that. Please help.

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Title: Exploring the Relationship of Identity to Diversity Beliefs and Values

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Essay Instructions: Exploring the Relationship of "Identity" to Diversity Beliefs and Values (15%)
Purpose of Assignment: The purpose ofthis assignment is to (a) assist you in identifying
your own diversity beliefs and where they originated, and (b) explore the meaning of
your identity in your perception of diversity issues.
Relationship of Assignment to Awareness, Understanding, and Application: Personal
history and culture affects your beliefs, assumptions, ideas, and ways you process information. This assignment will help you to identify important aspects your "identity" (awareness) and think about how your identity is a "lens" that affects your interpretation of diversity-related issues (understanding). It will also help you to develop personal strategies for
Miami Plan Principles Emphasized: Understanding Contexts, Critical Thinking, Reflecting and Acting, Engaging with Other Learners (engaging achieved through inclass activity)
I. In order to think about how your family contributed to shaping your beliefs and values, complete one of the following activities (A or B).
J. If you have access to family members such as parents or grandparents, conduct an "oral history" with one or more family members. You can construct the conversation in a variety of ways-this will be discussed in class. In your written work, include a summary of what was discussed. Also include reflections on how your family shaped your views, and how that affects your feelings about diversity-related issues.
K. Self-reflect on how your family affected your beliefs and values. Describe at least two specific examples from your memory. Also include reflections on how your family shaped your views, and how that affects your feelings about diversity-related issues.
II. Describe your current personal sources of cultural programming other than your family (e.g., the most important influences in your identity at present). Include a brief desription for each, and describe why each is important to you.
III. Based on your learning from parts I and II, answer the following.
A. What are the benefits of your cultural programming (past and present) in enhancing your diversity learning.

B. What are the limitations of your cultural programming (past and present) in enhancing your diversity learning. What strategies can you use in the future to counter those limitations?
Format of Paper
? The paper should have a cover page (including name of assignment(Identity), your name(Tyler Cook),
Semester(first) and class number and name(IDS 159-O).
? All parts of the paper should be word-processed, double-spaced, l2-point font.
? The paper should be stapled and include page numbers and a running head.
? The paper will be between 7-9 pages in length.

Here is a little about me, my identity, and cultural beliefs below(you do not have to necessarily include all this in the paper, just use it to get a better understanding of me and my culture so you can branch off with it):

I would consider myself a good athlete. In high school I was active in two varsity sports, those being basketball and baseball. My parents both wanted me to continue playing baseball in college but I was finished with it and my mind wasn?t going to be easily changed by them or anyone else. The main reasons that I am at college are that I knew I had some more growing and experiencing to do, but the job that I am pursuing is beyond me at this point. Also, a degree might come in handy if I want one down the road, but I also don?t rule out the fact that there may be something that I won?t use it for in the future. I come from a very small town with a lot of families with lower than the average income, with mine not being one of those families I feel that I have experienced life on both ends of the money social classes by knowing what it?s like to live like a poor man and also live like a wealthier one. My family and I have lived on 2 farms before coming to my home residing in a small village called Magnolia, which is in Ohio. This area consists of predominately white people, many of German or Italian decent. German would be included in part of my ethnicity along with English. There is also a little Irish and a bit of French but the English and German takes the load if it. For as long as I can remember I attended Sunday school and church at a tiny Christian assembly not far from home, but I no longer attend there regularly like when I was younger.

When the question, ?What do people think of me?? goes through my head I think to myself it really depends a lot on if they know me or not. I hate to think that first or second impressions of other people from the beginning is usually right because I will admit I am usually guilty of that but I am also usually pretty accurate too. Many people might think from the start that I keep to myself or that I don?t really like to do things and at times I am like that. It all depends on my mood too. I?ve heard people tell me I don?t smile enough and some others say the exact opposite and it?s somewhat amusing at times. There are times when one might think there is something wrong or I don?t like them when I?m just bored or don?t feel up to anything at the time. Some people may think I am a nice kid, some may think I?m a bad kid, and some might think I never do anything wrong. The main thing of late that run through people?s minds about me would have to be that I don?t care. I have mixed feelings on this thought because part of me is that way on my views about many things but only a very small part. Really I am just the type of guy who doesn?t let things bother me or get under my skin and obviously it always comes off as I don?t care or I don?t have any heart in things. I care about the things that are important to me and that I value and anything less than that I won?t sweat it or dwell on it when it doesn?t go how I?d hoped it went. Sometimes I enjoy all the misinterpretations just like anybody and I love to keep people guessing and actually I am a lot of these things and many more. It seems I hate to be categorized into just one description at all no matter what it is. Once I feel that I have achieved a title I go elsewhere to become something else and learn something new.

I think I want people to think many different views about me and I hope that they aren?t narrow minded and just stop once they have discovered only one. People should think of me as someone they shouldn?t over look because I have many different interests and probably many things in common. I want to be thought of as an individual, someone who goes his own way but is not a loner if that makes any sense. I want to be a person that is easy to talk to and understanding, one that strives for what I want and doesn?t let things get me down. Being open minded and most importantly of all a very well rounded person.

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Title: an appearance that deceived you and analyze its significance to you

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Essay Instructions: I have deceived myself more than anyone else. I am an African-American woman who grew up in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY saying the pledge of Allegiance everyday before school started. So I also grew up believing in the ideas that are etched on the American seal: freedom, equality, and justice for all. All of which I believed were the principals of a great democratic country. However as I began to grow up in this country and expand my vision of the world, I came to believe that this were only principles of the country and not necessarily a way of life.
Blissfully unaware of any possible defaults in my person, I was first shown a contradictory way of thinking while on my vacation in Florida. At the age of five I was told by one of my neighbors that he would not play with a nigger. This event from hence forth had changed the way I envisioned my home country, America. Upon informing my parents and grandparents of the incident it was explained to me that my color made me different from other individuals and that some would hate me because of it. This came as a shock to me and to my dismay further insults and harassments were to follow throughout the years. America was suddenly no longer the place I had thought it was; instead it became a world where I had to watch my every action so as not to affirm any stereotypes attributed by my color.
Slowly I was forced to realize that justice and equality were not always in my favor. Different incidents slowly began to cause me to become uneasy with who I was. I began to slowly take note of the injustices that I had experienced and those that were associated with skin color. Each incident such as being followed around a store, a person pulling their pocket book closer to them as I walked by, seeing a black person die first in a movie, seeing the primary role for a black person on television as either being poor or a drug dealer, racial profiling, and cops killing black men due to an assumptions, had added to the light which I had envisioned myself and my race.
However with the help of role models such as my parents and grandparents, as well as self confidence friends, I slowly began to recognize and overcome these prejudices. I realized that my elders had lived through much worst than what I was experiencing and prevailed. My friends had seen and gone through the same incidents that I have and yet they were still proud of who they are. It had become evident that to live under the shadow of discredit was only hurting me. Recently I listened to a speech by the esteemed Cornell West where he said, ?It takes courage to love oneself?. I have as yet to fully grasp the concept of what means to be a completely courageous person, nonetheless feel I am finally beginning to understand what it means to have courage in and of self. I can now realize that while the American symbols of freedom, equality, and justice are not yet set in stone, they are in the same process of being as I am.

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Title: for school of podiatric medicine and surgery foot doctor

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Essay Instructions: I am from Iran originally, my family and I moved to charlotte, NC on july 1997 (i graduated my high school in iran). we did not know anybody here and it was a big change for us specialy for me that i had to learn english and aslo run my father bussiness. it was so difficult for me to adjust myself to the new city. i took some engish as a second language classes at first in Central Piedmont community college, then i tranfered to University of North Carolina at Charlotte to take major courses(my major was Biology). the biggest reason that my grades were low specially at the begining is because i had to work full time for my father(i could speak and write better than my parents) to run his bussiness(restaurant) and i also had to study. Then in 2002 i moved to charleston , SC (charleston southern university-biology major) I had good grades at first(i still had to work full time to pay for my living expenses), i was doing well in school at charleston but suddenly my father got a heart attack (my parents were in charlotte, NC) and he was hospitalazed for one month, i had to drive 3 and half hour from charleston to charlotte every 2 days to see my father. i was so worried about him. because of this, my grades went down. ( YOU CAN ADD MORE REASONS ABOUT MY LOW GPA IF YOU WANT )
my attributes: i used to play for my home town basketball team when i was in high school.
i play soccer, i can do oil painting on woods, computer skills
i have been observing in a medical office in charlotte, NC for 2 years.
one of the most reason that made me interested of being a podiatrist is: last year I was playing soccer and my ankle injured and i went to see a doctor and i also had a surgery on my ingrown nail. since that i have been to the podiatric office to ask questions about podiatric medicine and getting some information and also observed.
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