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Title: the music industry and the internet

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Essay Instructions: My assignment is about music industry, but there is no specific topic. So I choose the topic about the music industry and the internet.

There are some require about this assignment:
firstly, you should collect eight articles about the music industry and the internet. you can find it from reliable sources(Financial Times, BBC, Music Week and so on). Pleace choose the current articles(From January 2011 to December 2011) PS. Please give me the website, if you collect some articles from internet. If you collect the article from journal, pleace sent me the picture, because I need print these articles when I hand over my assignment.

Secondly, summarise those articles as series of bullet points, per article. The first page you just summarise the each article. I think 300 words is enough.(Those article just the example of the topic which I choose).

Thirdly, write the essay about the music industry and the internet. This essay must have the reference that is academic book or articles (about 3 to 5).Except the academic source, you can also use the article which you collect before. I need quotation, citation and paraphrase in the essay (at least 5).
there are some information my teacher give me:

Assignment 1

Collect eight articles on a music industry topic of your choice but make sure that it is one of current interest. Draw your articles from reliable sources [Financial Times, BBC, Music Week and so on]:

1). Summarise those articles as a series of bullet points, per article.

2). Then write a separate discussion the issue as a whole - commenting if at all possible on the way different stakeholders inflect their presentation of the issue [for example, industry bodies always refer to file sharing as 'piracy' but people who download illegally do not profit from those downloads so are not 'pirates' as such].

Word Limit: 2, 500 words [bullet points do not count towards the final word length].

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Title: Race Gender and Class

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2170 Works Cited: 9 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Answer each question 2 pages double spaced, cite sources at the bottom of each paper (3 sources per question)

1.What do you feel are the most prominent or pressing issues regarding women's health in regards to both race and gender?

2.Body image issues and advertising have consistently been an issue taken up by many scholars. What do you think is the biggest issue with the ways that women are portrayed? What do you propose could be done to fix the issue? You must reference the film listed below as one of your sources along with the article Milkshakes,Lady Lumps and
Growing Up to Want Boobies: How the Sexualisation ofPopular Culture Limits Girls’ Horizons
-Sources:, Article sent in resources.

3.Professional sports, the music industry, and the world of fantasy/animation are some of the hardest industries for women to become successful within. Please define what you feel are the top 5 issues that women face within these industries. Make sure to explain your answers.
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Title: Claiming feminism Matrilineal History or Girls and Women's Empowerment and the Music Industry

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Essay Instructions: You may choose one of the three topics. Even though I think topic 1 is the easiest one to do, I put all topics to choose because you might prefer 2 or 3. I will upload the necessary readings to write the essay and also peer rubric (showing that what my professor want from the essay (ex. Strong thesis and etc.).

1. Topic: Claiming feminism
Carefully consider the readings and videos and carefully construct an argument regarding what it means to claim the term feminist. Why is it initially so daunting? How does claiming the term and engaging the word view become transformative? Consider how feminism is not only a political cause but also a way of understanding our experience of the world. Bring in relevant quotations from the readings and any other relevant materials of the course. Feel free to position yourself -- that is, your own experience with feminists or as a feminist -- within the argument you develop. Cite relevant primary and secondary materials as you respond to this topic.

Please note: Primary sources refers to individual experiences of feminism, such as your experience, conversations you have overhead, remarks you heard made regarding feminists. Secondary sources refers to those materials which critique the primary texts (e.g., Love and Helmbrecht's essay or Hogeland's essays, among others).

2. Topic: Matrilineal History
In light of the discussions, readings, and video clips -- especially Diane Bell's essay and video clip -- consider the following questions: On what sources have historians traditionally relied?; What happens to the lives of peoples who are not part of the written record?; How might their lives be reclaimed?; or When those who have been erased are made visible in the historical record, how does their presence alter our understanding of our own histories and how might we, as a consequence, revision the past, the present, and the future?
Locate an object (such as a photo, a sewing machine, a book, a piece of jewely, or other family artifact) that connects you to one of your female ancestors. Taking into account the questions posed above, write an account of the object's history. Also, take into consideration those whom you needed to consult in order to uncover/discover the object's history. How close were you/your object to the edge of memory? That is, in terms of locating information about your object, what had been lost or was on the verge of being lost? What records did you need to consult? Where did you find these records and how informative were they? How is your account of the object an intervention, a means of reclaiming women's history? In addition, how do these artifacts represent our material and verbal culture and tell us from where we came, who are now, and who we may become? Finally, how does such an investigation give us cause to celebrate what we have learned, and also demonstrate that such a lesson "always already" is tenuous because we always are involved in rescuing women's history, and thus ourselves and others, from the edge(s) of memory.

Include an image/images of the artifact you investigated in the paper. Be sure to cite relevant quotations from Diane Bell's work as you develop your discussion.

3. Topic: Girls' and Women's Empowerment and the Music Industry
In “Teaching the Conflicts: (Re)Engaging Students with Feminism in a Postfeminist World,” Meredith A. Love and Brenda M. Helmbrecht astutely observe that young men and women may be receiving messages that it is self-empowerment (rather than social justice) that they should seek and that consumer goods are a means of achieving self-empowerment. As they explain,
In creating these spaces where consumerism and activism mingle awkwardly, Pink and Dove implicitly argue that women’s empowerment and advancement lie within an individual’s buying power, not within a larger cultural cause or movement. In other words, gender politics have become conflated with consumerism. (50)
They further explain that “[u]nlike activism, which tends to encourage coalition building and collaboration, consumerism is a choice driven by marketing and individualism” (55). I think they are quite right in their analysis here, and would add that the appeal to “individualism” is markedly seductive in American culture where the individual (rather than the collective) is so highly prized. How do specific texts of popular culture appeal to individual self-empowerment and self-empowerment that is achieved through consumerism and capitalist agency? How are these appeals made in the music industry? In order to respond to this paper topic, it would be worthwhile to look at one artist as well as his/her lyrics, his/her media presence, his/her music videos in order to analyze the ways in which postfeminist discourse attempts to co-opt men and women’s conception of the means of achieving change, especially social change. On the other hand, it also would be possible to argue that there are some meaningful exceptions.

Cite relevant primary and secondary materials as you respond to this topic.

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Title: Latin American Recording Industry

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Essay Instructions: I would like writer Burnsey111 to work on this paper.

Hello, this is the FINAL section of my master thesis.
This sections must concentrate on making a strategic forecast of what the future holds for the LATIN AMERICAN Recording Industry. (Not U.S. recording industry. Paper MUST focus EXCLUSIVELY on the future of the LATIN AMERICAN recording/music industry).
Paper MUST contain the following sub-headings:
? The Future of Latin American Popular Music: section must focus on the future of Latin American popular music genres. (The idea here will be to concentrate on how current and EMERGING Latin American music genres will work to reflect a true expression of a pan Latin cultural identity). Section can briefly touch upon genres such as Salsa, Merengue, etc. but main focus should be centered around analyzing NEW and ALTERNATIVES genres like Afro-Cuban Rap, Latin Hip-Hop, and other eclectic genres that fuse ethnic elements with rock, pop and electronic music formats, (as well as other modernistic urban genres like Reggaeton). Is the notion of local repertoire in Latin American Markets a truly faulty one? Why? The idea is to analyze this subject matter from a ETHNOMUSICOLOGICAL OR SOCIO-CULTURAL point of view.
? The Future of The Latin American Recording Industry : this section must be a CONCRETE and in-depth economic/financial analysis of the industry?s (LATIN AMERICA only) present and future. Must analyze current pricing models. Why are CD prices in Latin America so high? ? (Paper MUST present innovative new alternatives to this problem here). What are the industry?s alternatives for overcoming current problems and reinvigorating the Latin American music market so that future growth may be achieved? (It is crucial here not to repeat any ideas, data or concepts that have already been introduced. Include charts, etc where applicable. Analyze the spread of Piracy levels, file sharing and home digital recording equipment and software across several countries of the region.
? Reconstructing the Industry : this will must the most important section. The idea here will be to present INNOVATIVE as well as VIABLE solutions and recommendations to rebuild, improve and expand the Latin American industry. New and INVENTIVE business models. How will the Latin American recording industry finally defeat piracy? How can the Latin American recording industry finally embrace e-business and create ?digital? or ?virtual? record labels? In my opinion, the solution to most of these problems can be found in the following strategies:
1. Reform delivery by aggressively developing tools for benefiting and growing in an increasingly segmented (and reachable) environment and music marketplace, but above all, from the Internet - the first tool that puts a global communication and distribution "channel" into the hands of true music entrepreneurs and musicians.
2. The Latin American recording industry must concentrate on finding strategies to renew, repackage and reinvigorate content. The real power of the business must go back to artist development and exploiting the region?s musical wealth. I believe the era of superstar priorities, mega-budget packaging and huge overheads is gone.
3. As already stated, the market will increasingly become more segmented and I believe the key, not only for survival, but also for success relies in researching, gathering and managing incredibly accurate and prolific market data. The Latin American recording industry must develop creative (online) methods to target and nurture specific niche markets.
Please take this ideas as a starting point to elaborate and generate REAL ideas and recommendations to reinvigorate the Latin American recording industry must.
Recommended Sources:
Warren Keegan - International Marketing Management (7th ed.) - Section on Big Emerging Marlets (BEMs).
Harris M. Berger - Global Pop, Local Language
From Tejano to Tango: Essays on Latin American Popular Music (Perspectives in Global Pop)
by Walter Aaron Clark (Editor)
Situating Salsa: Global Markets and Local Meanings in Latin Popular Music (Perspectives in Global Pop)
by Lise Waxer (Editor)

Excerpt From Essay:

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