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Title: Multiple Sclerosis

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Essay Instructions: Multiple Sclerosis

A.) Following an introduction of theb topic to be covered, the non-diseased or normal condition and/or body system(s) involved should be described in full detail. Here the student should adequately describe the normal anatomy and/or physiology, with emphasis on normal mechanisms, so that explanation of abnormal is based upon the reader understanding normal.
b.) The known or suspected cause of the condition should be explained, describing the mechanism of the condition and how the condition develops or how it differs from the normal anatomical or physiological condition (i.e. sequence how the condition develops from a previous normal condition). Make sure to cover anatomical, physiological, genetic, molecular, or any other mechanisms that cause the disease to develop.
C.) A brief explanation of the prevalence(total number of cases normally occuring in a population) and incidence (number of new cases that occur annually in the population)of the condition is important, as it helps keep a perspective on the significance of the disease. Here the student should provide total numbers and/or percentages of people affected in the U.S. population, or North American population, or even in the world population. Any differences by race, gender, age, etc. should also be described when such statistical data are available.
D.) The student should also describe the clinial signs (an objective finding that can be observed and/or measured by another person), symptoms (subjective findings observed by the patient) and lesions (micro or macrscopic physical or chemical changes) that accompany the condition. This description should be more than a mere listing of symptoms, clinical signs, and lesions, but should include a brief explanation of the mechanism how or why such symptoms, signs, and lesions occur.
E.) Explain how the diagnosis is generally made, including description of any unique or specific diagnostic tests, is another critical component. Obviously symptoms are the reason people seek medical attention, but the reader needs to know how the medical team sifts through edical history,physical exam findings, standard diagnostic tests and any high tech and unique diagnostic tests to reach a diagnosis. In this section be sure to briefly explain the mechanisms of such diagnostic procedures and the meaning or significance of the results. Simply listing clinical signs or mentioning tests that are performed without explaination of mechanisms and manings of results is not sufficient. Also, many diagnostic tests are used to rule out conditions, and this concept needs to clear the reader where pertinent.
F.) Successful surgical, medical or any other type of treatment that either ease the condition, cure the patient, or prevent the condition should be explained, including a description of the mechanism(s) of how and why such treatments work. Here, even if there are older generation treatments that provide limited bnefit, they should also be described if said treatments are still in common usage. If there are numerous medications, for example, they should be desribed in groups based upon their mechanisms of action. In describing classes of medications or treatments, for example, be sure to describe the goal of said treatment and the mechanism of action that seeks to fulfill the goal.
G.) Since many diseases do not have cures and many are far from fully understood, there should be a discussion of the current theories or direction(s) of medical research on the disease, giving attention to the mechanisms that are being investigated, such as into discovering the genetic, physiologic or biochemical cause of the condition, approaches to prevent or cure the condition, or surgical or technologically advanced approaches to correct the anatomy or physiology of te condition, etc. Be sure to cite a minium of two to three examples of researchers' ongoing or recent work and findings (dont just mention something like thanks to all the research, theres hope in the future).
H.) The report should have a minimum of 10 references. At least 3 of the 10 must come from scientifically reviewed medical journals. Try to find more known sources make sure there is credibility (New England Journal of Medicine). Also, the student must not use any source older than 2001.
I.) Cite in MLA format-give credit where credit is due and be sure, however, not to overuse quotes.

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Title: Multiple Sclerosis

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Essay Instructions: Need to write a short informative paper about Multiple sclerosis for the Anatomy and Physiology portion of my Paramedic program. Please include a description of the disease and explain how it effects the body, signs and symptoms, causes, treatments, possible new treatments, and history. Thank you so much

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Title: Multiple Sclerosis

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Essay Instructions: The paper must include a thorough description of the disease/condition (which is MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS); current statistics of those affected; explanations on how the various body systems are affected; and any medications/treatments that are available, if any. At least two of the eight references must be from credible scientific organizations and please no wikipedia. Double space the research paper and please use arial 12 point font. PLEASE include a cover page, an abstract, page headers, in-text citations, and a reference page. The paper should be 1100 to 1500 words not including cover and reference pages of course. Please email me if you require any further information.

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Title: Multiple Sclerosis

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Essay Instructions: In the Research Paper cover the following content specifications:

-Identify a chronic disease or condition ( MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS)
-Describe the disease or condition from the medical perspective.
-Provide statistics/data on the numbers of people dealing with/afflicted by the condition. Data can be city, (e.g. San ---Francisco, New York, Tulsa, etc.), county, state, e.g. Iowa, Georgia, CA), or US wide specific. Make sure to cite sources both in-text, and a reference page.
-Research, identify, and discuss psycho ??"social challenges of the afflicted patient population.
-Research and discuss a minimum of two research projects concerning the condition. Include the location of the research projects, and the numbers of people/patients involved in the research studies.
-Research, identify, and describe two successful community based programs that help in meeting the needs of the population. How many constituents are served by the programs? Budget? How long in operation? Funding source (s)?
-Identify and describe a minimum of two interventions that could be suggested to assist in minimizing the impact of the illness/condition. Justify implementation of the two interventions you are recommending.
-Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
-Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
-Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
-Use APA style to document all sources.
-Must include a Reference page formatted according to APA style.
-Must include five to eight outside, scholarly sources written within the past five years, in addition to the textbook.
-Spell and grammar check

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