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Title: Multiple Intelligences

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Essay Instructions: I need to define Multiple Intelligence in terms of practice in the classroom and what teachers are doing in terms of practice that could impact Language Acquisition (that being reading, spelling,grammar and phonics.) I need to quantify this concept and how it would be measured.
This is for Language Acquisition of First Graders and the use of multiple intelligences in terms of practice in the classroom.

(8 pages)
I need an Introduction
Purpose of the study
Background of the Problem
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the study
Hypothesis and Research Questions
Limitations of the Study
Definitions and Term

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Title: summary response essay

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Essay Instructions: In a brief six-to-eight-paragraph essay, respond to Howard Gardner’s piece “A Rounded Version: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” on pages 503-523 of A World of Ideas. Then write a summary paragraph of the reading as the introductory paragraph to your essay. End that paragraph with a thesis statement wherein you identify your intelligences according to Gardner’s classifications and how those intelligences have affected your education, specifically your literacy skills. In the body of the essay, then, you will analyze your intelligences, perhaps your top three intelligences, giving each one at least a paragraph. Make sure you develop your response paragraphs in the body of the essay. Consider focus, unity, and coherence.
You might conclude your essay with an analogy paragraph. Writing an essay is like....what?

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Title: Democracy Using Multiple Intelligences and Art

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Essay Instructions: I will fax the introduction to my thesis project that I would like re-written. I have been told that it is too disjointed and needs to be more structured. Please be careful on generalization-type comments. Be specific when making statements. In the fax, I have underlined things that need to be clarified with evidence or data. All citations must have page numbers.

The section on Project and Site and Participants can be left alone.

The following items must be addressed. They can be used to structure the writing.
? First: Define democracy in the classroom. You can use Progressivism to define it. Check John Dewey. Also, I faxed over some material from Howard Gardner (The Unschooled Mind) that addresses this. My own hypothesis is to define a democratic classroom as one that uses multiple intelligences and arts-based learning to teach content. This ends oppression that students experience in the traditional model.
? Second: I allowed the students to discover their strengths using multiple intelligence testing. [Tell why this is beneficial.]
? Third: Using the knowledge of their strengths, the students then participated in an arts-based unit of study on the American Revolution. It included debate, video, drama, music, a game show trivia game and a field trip. [Tell why this is beneficial.] If you want me to fax over the entire project narrative, please request so. I would be happy to send it if needed.
? Fourth: Students developed independent research projects with investigative focus and a hands-on project to show research outcome. They used their knowledge of their multiple intelligence strength to choose a project. [Tell why this is beneficial.]
? Fifth: Students empowered themselves by sharing and displaying what they have learned at a social justice conference held at Chapman University. They shared what they learned about social justice and democracy as well as what they learned about their individual strengths. They also displayed their individual projects and some of the class projects. I called this a democratic arena. [Define it as such. Tell why this is beneficial.]
? Tell how standardized testing goes against democracy in the classroom. [This would be my problem statement. State what others have said about it. Restate what I plan to do. Tell that what happened will be in the methodology section of paper and the results will be in the conclusion.] I will fax some of The Disciplined Mind by Howard Gardner to help with this argument.
? My main point is to tell why multiple intelligences are democratic and why arts-based learning is democratic.

I also need to state somewhere in the introduction that I used qualitative research and videotaping. You can use what I already have written. It seems to be ok. Be sure to have a section for the research questions (preferably after all the above items have been discussed). The second research question needs to be altered to read: ?How can my students show others how this curriculum has helped them to gain knowledge about their intelligences, arts-based learning and social justice??

Again, be very careful with citations. Use at least 5-6 sources. Be specific and lean away from generalizations. Thanks.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Benjamin Banneker

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1629 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please review all the pages. Please do number one on page one which is headed by TERM 1 PROJECT PROCESS AND RESOURCES (visit the site(s) (of your choice) below and reserarth the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
I have attached the results of the personal inventory.
I have picked Benjamin Banneker as my mathmatician.
Research him by using the internet sites listed on page 3, number 7.
Then on page four I have chosen my two project description:
#2. Plan a party for 10 people. Invite your mathematician and nine famous celebrities. Explain why you invited each one,the kind of party it will be, the music that will be played, the food that will be served, the decoration, the location of the party, etc.

Then #5. Conduct an interview with your mathematician for PEOPLE magazine, because he/she has been selected as on the "50 Most Interesting People." Include a design cover for the magazine, the questions you would pose to your mathematician, and the answeres to those questions.
There are faxes for this order.

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