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Title: Multiculturalism is being challenged by new theories of cosmopolitanism

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Essay Instructions: Multiculturalism is being challenged by new theories of cosmopolitanism. Discuss in relation to education.

Further guidance (this may be varied and is merely a support for students who wish to follow it)
Australia’s multicultural population has been managed through policies of multiculturalism for the best part of the last three decades. Discuss the reasons for this policy development and the challenges to its continuation (approx 500 words).
It has been suggested that cosmopolitan social theory might be a way forward. Discuss why this might be useful in relation to the earlier benefits and problems with multiculturalism that you have already outlined in the first part of your essay (approx 500 words). In the final section of your essay extend your argument to a discussion of what this might mean for education. Make sure you compare and contrast multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism using education examples before summing up in a conclusion (500 words).
The essay is assessed on how well you develop an argument. You need to bring together evidence from readings (compulsory) and other sources that support your analysis. To demonstrate that you have read, understood and developed your own argument, keep your focus small. Take up a particular position using the theory and a particular aspect or aspects in education. Examine these aspects thoroughly after you have provided a general overview. Avoid 'waffle' or padding by sticking to the point of your argument. The essay must not be merely descriptive or a repetition of other authors' work. You must have an opinion but not based only on personal experience: your perspective must be based on thorough reading.

Proper grammar must be used and punctuation.
No plagiarism.
APA referencing must be used.

Compulsory references (must appear in your essay. Do not substitute.)
Ang, I. & Stratton, J. (1998) Multiculturalism in Crisis: The New Politics of Race and National Identity in Australia. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 2, 22-41
Delanty, G. (2006). The cosmopolitan imagination: critical cosmopolitanism and social theory. The British Journal of Sociology, 57(1), 25-47.
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Werbner, P. (2006). Vernacular cosmopolitanism. Theory, Culture & Society, 23(2-3), 496-498

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Essay Instructions: Multiculturalism and the Media:

Tuesday 27th April 2010

Report submission (50%) 2,500

Indicative report topic:

One report (50%) This will be marked in accordance with the established standards for academic work, but particular importance will be attached to original research and the use of evidence by the student. The aim will be to test how far the student is able to apply the ideas examined in the course to the analysis of concrete material and present the results in a form suitable for public presentation.

Discuss the recent controversy around the statements of Jack Straw, a senior UK government figure, on his reluctance to meet women covering their faces.


Books from theories of Multiculturalism

Essential Reading:

B. Parekh (2000) Rethinking Multiculturalism, Basingstoke: Macmillan (esp chs 2-5 and 7-8)
D. Bennett (ed) (1998) Multicultural States London: Routledge (esp chs 2 & 3)
F. Dallmayr (1966) ‘Democracy and Multiculturalism’ in S. Benhabib (ed) Democracy and Difference, Princeton.
A. Phillips (2007) Multiculturalism without Culture, NJ: Princeton (introduction, ch4, ch5).

• C. Calhoun (ed) (1994) Social Theory and the Politics of Identity, Oxford: Blackwell.
• R. Tsagarousianou (2007) Diasporic Cultures and Globalization, Maastricht: Shaker (Ch 7).
• B. Parekh (2000) Rethinking Multiculturalism, Basingstoke: Macmillan
• C. Taylor, (1992). Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition". Princeton: Princeton University Press.
• C. Geertz (2000) Available Light, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
• D. Bennett (ed) (1998) Multicultural States London: Routledge (esp part 1)
• Hollinger, David A. Postethnic America : Beyond Multiculturalism. New York : Basic Books, 1995.
• Hannerz, U. (1990) ‘Cosmopolitans and Locals in World Culture’, in M. Featherstone (ed) Global Culture Sage, London: 237??"252.


Link to theories

Debates in the press, how did the Jack Straw develop and don't only mention what he said but also contextualize the debate with the meaning of multiculturalism in the UK and also in Europe.

How media took over produced arguments and how they are running with it and the interpretations of multiculturalism put in context. So the discourse and the narratives etc...

Start with the definition of current multiculturalism.

1.) - Hijab, How it symbolizes 'otherness' therefore disquieting...
2.) It is not just religious but it is a symbol of inferiority, by forcing women to wear the Hijab and to follow this 'patriotism'

- how women are tied down from wearing this and how it has now been banned in countries such as France, Italy and even in Britain now.

European society - they are worried about this symbol of difference and 'otherness and how they are indifferent to 'other' society especially Muslims and how this is linked to their gender.

They become symbols of - Isolation
- Alienation
- "Otherness"

From European secular perspective they are indifferent to difference


It is not just that, it not just imposed to them but what needs to be known that in countries such as Britain, women make these choices not just seen as subdominant..

So this is when they clash with the Western world, as the Western worlds see it completely differently, however there are other people in the Western world that see it as a this is when we progress into a different argument...

Jack Straw's argument is useful but not necessarily trustworthy

If he had said multiculturalism needs to be reassessed then that argument would have been seen as more liberal, but he didn't say that, instead he said that we all need to integrate, and the people that decide about this integration should be the hegemonic ones, and what has been decided is that this is not 'Britishness' and unified and the Hijab is not 'Britishness'.

How has the debate in the press charted? And the different approaches to multiculturalism...
Link it to the theories-the liberal approach

In the past he has been good with human rights, so he is definitely not racists but the way that he approached this matter went a little too far in the public realms.

What these women say is that they don't want to isolate, but want to be as one but still wearing Hijabs as this is their own choice. (British Muslim Women)

So what is the future of Multiculturalism in Europe, UK? The fear of Hijabs, fear of Islam and fear for unity (the 'other')?

Examples should be bought from newspapers and how they developed through with Jack Straw's debate.

(Get access to his debate and unfold the happenings)

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Title: To Kill A Mockingbird

Total Pages: 2 Words: 580 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay




Nonverbal Communication (underline)

Thesis: (underline)

Introduction: (underline)

Body: (Underline)
1.) Stephen E. Lucas of The Art Of Public Speaking (underline) says "When a speaker's
body language is inconsistent with his or her words, listeners often believe the body language
rather than the words." (Example)



Conclusion: (underline)


Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Multiculturalism, Critical Thinking, and Business
Read Lane Wallace, "Multicultural Critical Theory -- At B-School?", and write a reflective essay in which you consider the following:

1. Based on this article, what is wrong with the way business students usually think? How should they be thinking?

2. What specific teaching strategies and course components are being used in order to foster more Critical Thinking?

3. What hurdles might instructors and students need to overcome in pursuing the goal of better Critical Thinking?

Excerpt From Essay:

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