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Title: compare edgar allen poe and hannibal lecter

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"Mr. Poe''s early productions show that he could see through the verse to the spirit beneath, and that he already had a feeling that all the life and grace of the one must depend on and be modulated by the will of the other." (James Russell Lowell).

" Had Mr. Poe written nothing else but "Morella," "William Wilson," "The House of Usher," and the "MS. Found in a Bottle," he would deserve a high place among imaginative writers, for there is a fine poetic feeling, much brightness of fancy, an excellent taste, a ready eye for the picturesque, much quickness of observation, and great truth of sentiment and character in all these works." (Louis Fitzgerald Tasistro).

"We must omit any particular criticism of Mr. Poe''s works." (Rufus Wilmot Griswold).

"Another characteristic of his writing is that it is completely anti-feminine" (Charles Baudelaire)

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