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Essay Instructions: Modernism is typified by the rejection of tradition. Discuss this idea through the in depth analysis of three to five European art works from 1860-1935.
NOTE: modernity and Modernism are different concepts.

must include images of 3-5 artworks.

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Title: Tenets in modernism literature

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1860 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Modernism in literature emphasized the individual and placed high value on style and content that were seen as new, original, ground-breaking, shocking, and challenging to the status quo. Modernist poetry frequently rejected traditional end rhyme and consistent meter that made up familiar poetic forms. Modernist prose experimented with fractured and multiple narrators and points of view and with psychological realism expressed through stream-of-consciousness writing. Modernist writing also took on themes that had previously been taboo. Sexuality, violence, bodily functions, religion doubt, the senseless waste of war, and the world's ugliness all became fair game for writers. Discuss the one or more tenets of Modernism as exemplified in the works of 2-3 contemporary British writers.

Examples of Modernism literature (you must pick 2-3 works from these examples)
William Butler Yeats: “Down by the Salley Gardens”, “When you are old”, “Leda and the swan”
Virginia Woolf: “A room of one’s own”
James Joyce: “Araby”
D. H. Lawrence: “Piano”, ”The snake”, “The horse dealer’s daughter”
W. H. Auden: “Musee des beaux arts”, “In memory of Yeats”, Funeral blues”
Dylan Thomas: “The hunchback in the park”, “Do not go gentle into that good night”
Doris Lessing: “To room nineteen”
Derek Walcott: “A far cry from Africa”, “The glory trumpeter”, “Midsummer”

Grading criteria
A Paper: Superior
A papers set the standard of excellence. An A paper will show all the following characteristics:
1. The paper has a well-defined thesis, strong topic sentences, and smooth transitions.
2. Organization is entirely logical; there is a clear beginning, middle, and end.
3. The paper has been written in a clear, literature, and scholarly fashion. Analytical skills are superior.
4. The paper displays insight, originality, and a thorough understanding of the subject under discussion.
5. Elegant writing unmarred by proofreading errors, grammatical problems, spelling mistakes, or typos.
6. In research papers, documentation is ample and in the correct form, and indicates that the writer has examined the most important available sources.
A papers are engaging and say something interesting. Most of all, they teach me something new, or show me something I have not seen before.

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Title: politics literature and the arts

Total Pages: 2 Words: 794 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Modernism has been discussed as a reaction to modernity: from the following works, is this a fair description?

Film: The Andalusian Dog---Dali and Bunuel
Film: Jazz: A documentary---Ken Burns
Essay: Benjamin, Surrealism and Adorno -Critical Theory and Society--eds. Bronner and Kellner

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Title: choose one from below

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2654 References: 12 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Choose only ONE question.

1. Using examples discuss the ways in which Land Art challenged both the conventions of the art world and the ideas inherited from the Enlightenment regarding our relationship to nature.

2. Explain the difference between the theories underlying Modernism and Postmodernism and using examples show how these differences manifest in cultural forms.

3. Explain the ideologies behind Modernism and Postmodernism through a discussion on the work of two artists, one of whom you would categorise as a modernist and the other as a postmodernist.

4. In what ways do new forms of technology widen the possibilities open to artists? Give examples.

5. The advent of unprecedented possibilities in science and technology have posed serious questions. The role of art is to raise awareness of these problems. Discuss with examples.

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